Aggression Camp


Aggression Camp

Aggression Camp addresses all levels of dog aggression, people aggression, insecurity, resource guarding, and more. Time and time again we have taken in dogs that simply had nowhere else to go. People that were turned away from every other dog trainer because their dog was “too high-risk”. All we ask is that you are open and honest with us about your dog's behavior and history.

In many cases, aggressive behavior has developed over the years and is well established. Every dog is different, at The Canine Club of Chicago, we factor in personality, breed, age, and many other variables to develop a unique training plan that is best for you and your specific training needs, to achieve maximum success.

The key is cooperation and transparency as well as following our suggestions and training plan moving forward. This is a board and train program that varies from 4-8 weeks depending on the level of aggression. No matter how aggressive your dog is we can help. This training program has 100% guaranteed results that will last a lifetime!

Price: $4,175

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